Beginning Experience Winnipeg is proud to have one of the few Young Adult Beginning Experience (YABE) Teams in North America. In 2002, a group of four young adults and two adults traveled to Sioux Falls, South Dakota to participate in a YABE Weekend. They enjoyed the Weekend so much, they became committed to establishing the program in Canada. In April 2003, the first YABE Weekend was held in Winnipeg with the assistance of the Omaha, Nebraska Team to a huge success.

The loss of a parent through death or a changed parental relationship through divorce or separation is a traumatic experience for children of all ages. For young adults ages 16 and up, the normal stresses of becoming their own person, peer pressure, and feeling that they lack someone to talk to adds to the confusion, pain and anger of the loss itself. The Beginning Experience Weekend for Young Adults is designed to help overcome these feelings. With the help of a certified team of adult and young adults who have themselves experienced this loss, participants are helped to sort out and address their feelings regarding the losses. Team members lead participants through personal presentations by team members, private reflection, journaling, and sharing in small groups. The weekend program provides participants with a safe, secure environment of caring, acceptance and feelings of community, to help them look at their lives now, and their personal situation for an entire uninterrupted weekend.

The weekend offers a fresh and safe atmosphere to discover who you are now – away from your home, job, and/or school. It provides an opportunity to share your hopes, concerns, and ideals, and find hope for facing tomorrow. It helps you to address new beginnings in your relationship with yourself, your family, your friends, and God. Most importantly, the weekend offers a chance to make new friends who have experienced similar painful losses, and share a lot of the same feelings as you.

The YABE Weekend Program runs from Friday evening through Sunday afternoon. It is held at St. Benedict’s Retreat and Conference Centre, 225 Masters Street, West St. Paul. (Two miles north of the Winnipeg perimeter highway off Main St.).  The cost of the weekend is $195 which includes the weekend program, program materials, lodging, and meals. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us.


St. Benedict’s Retreat & Conference Centre


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