The Beginning Experience Weekend helps grieving individuals move forward into the future. It provides support to those who are grieving a relationship that has ended either through death of a spouse, divorce or separation. A combination of large group sessions, small group sharing and personal reflection time provides participants with tools for recognizing where they are in the grieving process and how to continue working through the process after the loss of their spouse. This weekend helps deal with the natural grief process and offers an opportunity for turning the pain of loss into a positive growth experience. Whether you choose to attend the Beginning Experience Weekend only, or attend the weekly programs as well, you can still benefit from the healing process of the Weekend which offers the opportunity to bring closure on the past relationship and move forward into a new beginning.

The Beginning Experience Weekend is a full live-in weekend which begins on Friday at 7:00pm and ends on Sunday at 4:30pm. Meals and accommodations are included in the $275 cost of the retreat. This retreat is held two times a year. Upcoming dates. It is held at St. Benedict’s Retreat and Conference Centre, 225 Masters Street, West St. Paul. (Two miles north of the Winnipeg perimeter highway off Main St. or 25 minutes from the Winnipeg James Richardson International Airport.) If you are arriving by air, please call us at (204) 275-3090 to arrange for a ride with one of our volunteers.

Download Weekend Retreat Brochure. 

St. Benedict’s Retreat & Conference Centre