Walk ‘n’ Talk

When:  Walk ‘n’ Talk begin the first Wednesday after July 1st until the end of August.

Who:  Beginning Experience (BE) participants, alumni and friends are invited to the Beginning Experience of Winnipeg summer “Walk ‘n’ Talk”.

What:  A weekly gathering where we meet for a walk and talk. The outing is centered around a more informal social outing atmosphere as a break from the more structured classroom environment of the weekly program.

When:  Every Wednesday evening throughout July and August. We head out for the walk shortly after 7:00pm.

Where:  We meet at the Norwood Hotel parking lot at 112 Marion Street, Winnipeg. We meet at about 6:45 and head out for the walk at 7:05pm. Our journey takes us over the Norwood Bridge, through The Forks, over the Provencher Bridge, down the path behind St. Boniface Hospital, and back to the Norwood Hotel. Afterwards, we gather in the Norwood Hotel Tavern & Grill for continued conversation.​

Why come out?

  1. To enjoy the comfort, understanding and acceptance felt with your peers.
  2. This is a safe, social atmosphere where boundaries are mutually understood and respected.
  3. To maintain the healing momentum over the summer months.
  4. Ask your peers why they enjoy coming out for the Walk ‘n’ Talk.​

Cost: No charge. Unless you choose to purchase a drink or food.